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West Coast Flowers

Where Memories are Made...

Girl in Daisies Field

West Coast Flower season has arrived! Take your family on a road trip filled with splendour... and while you marvel at nature's beauty, enjoy the local cuisine and attractions. 

A short drive out of Cape Town gets you on the R27 West Coast road and then the adventure begins! Passing Melkbosstrand heading towards to Yzerfontein you will start to see the magnificent flower displays but that is just the start.

The West Coast National Park has breathtaking views of the beauty our country has to offer. Our West Coast Flower Season is an annual national attraction but it is not difficult to see why people keep coming here all year around.

Continuing on to Langebaan will open your taste buds to local seafood delicacies you would think belongs in a magazine... but leaves you with a unique local taste in your mouth. Die Strandloper Seafood Restaurant invites you to enjoy local hospitality at it's best with coal stoves packed with home-made bread and freshly prepared seafood fit for a king.

As you head north to the historical town of Velddrift you start understanding why the West Coast Flower Season is such an attraction. The silent lure of the peaceful surroundings take you on a journey of pure appreciation of the world that we so often overlook.


As your tummy starts to rumble from the excitement of what's to come, Doepies Take-Aways offers exquisitely prepared hake and chips enough for two but their calamari and hamburgers are not to be overlooked. 

Situated at the mouth of the Berg River, Laaiplek and Port Owen has a spectacular collection of local markets and fresh seafood. The atmosphere is one of being welcomed to an old friend's home for tea and biscuits, showing appreciation for you supporting the local community even when you just buy a "bossie bokkoms". 

Nossab Fisheries situated in 3 locations within Velddrift is the most well-known fresh fish market. Stocking a selection of fresh and frozen seafood delicacies no matter what your pleasure. 


When your family is exhausted with the wonderous magnificence that is the West Coast Flower Season you are able to take up a luxurious invitation at The Riviera Hotel overlooking the Berg River, it's wetland and its abundant bird-life.

Whether you settle in for the night or make your way home after absorbing all the natural delightfulness the West Coast has to offer, you have to wonder...why you didn't do it sooner and what excuse you have not to do it again. 

Every year the West Coast Flower Season is available to you and your family to make new memories and get back to nature, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

We welcome you to the West Coast, never are invited! 


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Weskus Blomme

West Coast Flowers

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Bee on a Daisy