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Welcome 2 RallySprint4ALL

In 2012, after informing the Western Province Rally clubs, Neels van Wyk, a former WP Rally driver, decided to start rally sprints in the Western Cape under the flag of Rally Practice and Test. Reason for starting this series is his love for motor sport, especially rallying and sharing this love with friends, family, previous competitors and everybody else.


RPT, who is the organizers for sprints in Johannesburg, inspired him to provide a platform where you can race with your family and friends in a save environment with a low budget. RS4a offer the ultimate and cheapest way of rally-racing events in the Western Cape. WP Rallying was getting to expensive for the ordinary guys with low budgets and that is why Rally Sprint 4 All was created.

The aim is to create a positive environment for friendly compatition regardless of age, sex or race. RS4a is not a club, we are a group of people that like competing, so no club fees are charged, only entry fees per event to cover organizing costs. To keep costs as low as possible we always try to organize events around the Cape Town area and are looking for different areas to keep it interesting.


The first event was held at Dirt and Dust just outside Kraaifontein area in 2012 and had 14 entries. The second sprint was at Apollo Bricks near the N7 with only 6 entries. After starting to promote the sprints the name changed to Rally Sprint for All (RS4A). Entries currently differ from 20 to 43 competitors per event.


Rally Sprints is a form of motor sport that takes place on closed-off public or private road and can be any reliable surface (Australia and New Zealand do a lot of tar sprints) however we prefer dirt, gravel or sand roads and therefore no license is required. Younger participants are evaluated on a case by case basis as motorsport is dangerous. These events will normally take place on a farm. Competitors will participate in 4 to 6 stages that might differ from 3 to 11 kilometers in distance. Road Books and timesheets are provided to keep you on the right track at the right time. Rally drivers and navigators run against the clock, starting with roughly two-minute intervals at a time. You are also allowed to drive on your own in a single seat vehicle. We offer the ultimate and cheapest rallying event in the Western Cape.


You can choose to drive a regular road car, pipe car, single seat, stock car, rally car or any racing car, as long as they are safe, at any one of the events.  Or as Neels will say “anything on for wheels with a steering wheel and safety belts”. No motorbikes or quad bikes are allowed.


Rally driving will push your driving skills to the limit as you learn how to handle a car doing power slides, jumps and sharp, medium or long corners at high speed.

RS4A was created for the people on the street to try the sport before going all in on regional or national rallying. Professional motor sport drivers use the events to participate in a controlled environment for setting, testing and improving skills and it is always a treat to see the "gumtree Specials" competing against the purpose built vehicles . We try to keep these events on the same platform as Regional Rally events, so maybe one day you might decide to participate in the Western Province Rally Championship. Until then bring your bakkie, shopping car, stock car Rally Cross or Pipe Car and see how much fun you can have for such a limited budget!-SEE YOU SOON!!