rally cross 4 all

An initiative to grow rally cross and create a cheaper entry level for participants to try their rally skills before going to RallySprint4ALL, Regional Rallying or Ideally to becoming a regular RX participant..

   The Brain child of Des Timm it has been made a reality with the assistance of WPMC, and Steve Humble (chairman of the RX section) who with the RallySprint4ALL marketing team are attempting to reduce the barrier to entry for motorsport and particularly rally cross that is growing exponentially world wide.


How it works:

Just like RallySprint4All RX4ALL opens a path for regular folk to attend an event and amoungst other novices get to feel what it is like to do Rally Cross. 

Step 1.

Enter our next event 16 December 2021 for example. The system automatically fills in the correct entry form with the details you have given. At Step7 we will ensure that everyone signs their entry forms (which the system automatically fills in)

Step2. Make Payment to W.P.M.C. as per the bottom of the entry form. (REF: YOUR NAME/SURNAME/RS4a)

Step 3. Make sure you are safe. It is compulsory to have a Helmet and a safety belt should the !@£$%^&* hit the fan

Step4. If you are using your road car or have a car with lights then it is suggested you remove the lights to avoid an unexpected stone from breaking your lights.

Step5 It is suggested that you consider a fine mesh between your front grill and radiator to avoid a stone to the radiator.

Step 6 Clothing for the beginner's event is minimum long pants, Closed Jacket, closed shoes and socks. If you have access to Closed gloves even better. ALTHOUGH NOT MANDATORY FOR THE "ROAD CAR CLASS" IF YOU HAVE FIREPROOF KIT TO WEAR PLEASE DO SO. We have marshals, a medical team and the necessary equipment but rather safe than sorry.

Step7 Arrive at the gate near the Killarney pit access bridge at 12pm where we will get all the necessary instructions.

Step 8 Move to the RX/Stock PITS -car via the outside of the track.

Step9 There will be a drivers briefing before 1

Step10 Get your car in front of the gate 10min before your session start time as Rally Cross waits for NO MAN/WOMAN

STEP 11,12,14,15.          HAVE FUN!!!

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If you have ever wondered what it is like to drive on a course that World Champions like Johan Kristoffesen, Timmy Hansen or Legends like Andreas Bakkerud, Peter Solberg and many more! This is your chance. Bring your Wife's car, the bakkie, or your oval track car, the rally Car or the modified saloon!! It going to be a Jol!!

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